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  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. ‘WP GDPR’ will be created in the admin menu where you can view requests & settings
  4. The page ‘GDPR – Request personal data’ will be created automatically. This page displays the form where visitors can submit their request.

Our core plugin makes your WordPress GDPR compliant by providing a platform where all personal data can be collected and an automatic system for users to access that data securely. Features (as of v 1.4.4) are :

  • Automatically create a request page with the shortcode [ REQ_CRED_FORM ]
    • Users can enter their emailaddress in this form to request access to their personal data
  • Secure access link emailed to the user to access their personal data
  • Apply the consent box to all WordPress comments
  • Gather all data from WordPress comments to be included in the personal data register
  • User tools while accessing their personal data :
    • View their personal data
    • Download their personal data
    • Update their personal data
    • Request to delete their personal data
  • Admin views for :
    • List all requested access and resend mails
    • List of all request for deletion and perform the action ( delete or anonymize )
  • Settings page for the consent box content
  • Email address for DPO
  • List of all plugins that use personal data

The DPO or Data Protection Officer is the person handling all GDPR issues for the organisation. Entering an email address on the settings page will make sure all access & delete requests are mailed to the DPO.

Every form on your website that asks for personal data needs to have a clear consent of the user.

More info on the subject can be found here.

  • Users can view their data ( Art 15 GDPR )
  • Users can adapt their personal data ( Art 16 GDPR )
  • Users can download their personal data ( Art 20 GDPR )
  • Users can request to delete their data ( Art 17 GDPR )

As stated on our website we are not lawyers, we are WordPress developers that followed courses on GDPR. Our company is GDPR Compliant and through our plugin we try to make life easier for website owners. The features we implement in our plugin and add-ons are created to be compliant with several articles of the GDPR law, but we always advise to consult a lawyer to make sure your whole business is compliant with the GDPR law.

Generally the link to your Privacy Policy is displayed in your websites footer.

As per the GDPR , the information you provide to people about how you process their personal data has to be :

  • Free of charge
  • Transparant, intelligible, easily accessible & concise
  • The writing should be clear & in plain language, particularly if addressing a child

It's necessary to provide the link to the access request page in your Privacy Policy.

For a good example of a Privacy Statement click here

We encourage all users of the WP-GDPR core and all its support questions related to this plugin make a support thread at our support page.

Add-ons are additional plugins that extend the features of our WP-GDPR core plugin to other popular plugins. ( for example: Gravity Forms )

All our add-ons are premium because it takes alot of resources to check the complete engine behind another plugin and then build hooks to let it cooperate with our core plugin. It also enables us to keep the wp-gdpr core updated and supported by our team.

This plugin is still very young. We are working hard to add meaningful updates for the core plugin while also adding add-ons.

Some plugins are currently working on their own add-on for WP-GDPR ( Caldera Forms & Easy Digital Downloads for example ).

The decision process to start working on a particular add-on is through sheer popularity on our add-ons page, so if you want to speed up the process : Go vote!

Another alternate method is having an Agency license. Every Agency can request a custom add-on for a plugin of their choice.

Contact Form 7 out of the box does not store personal data , only emails it. When you activate the free plugin CFDB7 all your form entries will be stored in the database and it will allow our plugin to categorise this data and make it viewable in the Personal Data Overview.


  • Shows personal data of all Gravity Form entries in our Personal Data Overview
  • Hooks into E-mail fields , Name fields , Address fields , Phone fields
  • NO automatic consent checkbox, follow our tutorial to see how this works.

Makes your Gravity Forms compliant for GDPR Articles 15, 16 , 17 , 20

  • Shows personal data fields that are selected by the admin in our Personal Data Overview ( To select these fields check out our tutorial )
  • NO automatic consent checkbox, follow our tutorial to see how this works.

Makes your Contact Form 7 forms compliant for GDPR Articles 15, 16 , 17 , 20

  • Shows personal data fields in our Personal Data Overview.
  • It's not possible to delete fields needed for billing as these are required by law.
  • NO automatic consent checkbox yet, this is planned in our next woocommerce update.

Makes your WooCommerce compliant for GDPR Articles 15, 16 , 17 , 20

If you bought a single license or multiple single licenses and you would like to upgrade to a professional/agency license we will give you a discount worth the total amount of single licenses you bought before. This offer is valid until the 25th of May 2018.

To upgrade, drop us an e-mail or talk to us in live chat.

In the top right of our page you can login with the account you created during your checkout. Once logged in you will see My Account appear where you will find all needed information. Direct link.

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