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Tuesday, 24 April 2018 / Published in Add-ons, Core Plugin

The past 2 weeks were very intense and we’re very happy to release a new version of the WP-GDPR Core plugin and all add-ons we created.
We’re also releasing a new add-on and announce the upcoming mailchimp add-on.


WP-GDPR Core 1.5.3 release

We released version 1.5.3 of WP-GDPR Core.
This release contains:

  • Logging for debug purpose
  • Privacy policy per add-on
  • Bulgarian translation
  • Create specific email for DPO contact
  • Prepare for Flamingo add-on
  • Prepare for Mailchimp add-on

If an error occurs in the WP-GDPR Core or there is a conflict with another plugin or theme, it’s very hard to do proper debugging. We provide you with a logging feature you can enable when you think something goes wrong and wrote a tutorial to explain more on this topic.


New add-on: Flamingo

Users of the Contact Form 7 plugin are probably also familiar with Flamingo. It’s created by Takayuki Miyoshi, who also created Contact Form 7 and is the recommended plugin to store messages from CF7.

With the Flamingo add-on, you can let visitors manage their own data they submitted through Contact Form 7. This plugin has 300.000+ installs!
Flamingo has a great, intuitive interface to keep track of submitted forms, so you can export them. This, in many cases personal, data must be available to the visitor. You as a website owner has to let users manage this data.

With this add-on, your visitor will be able to manage it without your involvement.
Only when the user requests to delete the data, you will have to take action.

Add-on updates

Today, we’re releasing updates for the following add-ons:

From now on, you will receive an update notice in the backend when an update is available.
We implemented this together with the debug logs you can enable, as mentioned before in this post.

To install this update, please download a new copy of your add-on on your account page:

If we can help in any way, don’t hesitate to contact us through the same page.

Upcoming add-on: Mailchimp

Mailchimp is probably one of the best-known newsletter and marketing automation tools worldwide. With billions of emails sent each year and their drag&drop interface they’re a great tool for any digital marketeer.

There are many Mailchimp plugins for WordPress available. Some of them are standalone, while others integrate nicely with a form plugin, for example. In both cases, the personal data is stored in Mailchimp. This makes it harder for you (website developer or owner) to handle requests.

The WP-GDPR Mailchimp add-on will give visitors, like all other add-ons, the tools to handle the data themselves. Your visitors can download or update its data without having to leave your website!

Linking the WP-GDPR Mailchimp add-on to Mailchimp is easy.
We need an API key to let us collect data from Mailchimp. In one of these 3 ways, we will try to get that access:

  • Re-use the API key of one of these plugins
    • Mailchimp for WordPress
    • Gravity Forms (Mailchimp add-on)
  • Let you enter an API key through a setting in the backend

If one of the first options (through a plugin) is available, there is no need to enter any setting for this.

We plan the release of WP-GDPR Mailchimp add-on this month!

New pricing plans

To accommodate everyone who needs our add-ons, we decided to restructure our pricing plans. The new pricing plans consists of 2 separate tracks :

  • Individual plans, focused on single sites.
  • Business plans, focused on multiple sites.

Individuals can now also get all add-ons at once with the new Plus plan. Businesses who are not quite big enough for the Pro plan can now get the Freelance plan which allows them to register up to 20 websites.

Upgrade info for existing customers :
If you have any questions about upgrading your previous single licenses, you can do so by contacting our live-support or creating a ticket.

Check out all pricing plans here:




“It’s great to see a plugin that actually deals with GDPR for WordPress; there are a lot of plugins that only tell you about what you need to do (which does help a bit for your understanding), but this plugin actually takes the steps to make you compliant, by giving you features for consent, data review, download and deletion of user data. Thank again, looking forward to more features coming online as you develop them." Dave


"This is first plugin I found that is really doing something. I really appreciate your effort. Thank you"



Ritchie Pettauer

"WP GDPR implements regulations that will apply to all blogs starting May 25th 2018. It’s a complicated task (especially with all the integrations), but the team is doing an awesome job so far."


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